z-nexx and Genesis Project (not hedning) invited YOU to the spriritual successor of Gubbdata! After 10 years of sceners being cool in school, the olympic torch is passed on to the younger generation. This time we will move from the metropolis of Lund into the agrarian hamlet of Kvidinge!



We're in the week of the party! Just days to go!!

I figured it's time for some updates for you :)

First off, hedning is not organizing this party; it is only me (z-nexx) and a friend, so please don't message him with your questions. E-mail them to me directly to znexxpwnz0r (at) gmail.com.

We accept remote entries, just send them to the same e-mail adress.

We allow sleeping at the place, like Datastorm or Gubbdata, but no private sleeping room is available.

Regarding food: There is a pizzeria and a grocery store witin roughly 300 meter of the party place, and two young lads will offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at the party as part of their summer work project. You can pay in cash, Swish and Paypal. They accept SEK, DKK, and EUR. See the menu at: https://pågadatafood.weebly.com/

For the C64 compos, both 6581 and 8580 will be available.

Regarding which brand of toilet paper we have available at the party, I am not sure, but I am sure that it is one of the regular ones with full ass-wiping capacity. My personal guess is that it will be Tork Jumbo Toilet Roll.


Proudly announcing Fria Bad BBS i Helsingborg as the official BBS for Pågadata! Call them at friabad.hopto.org:64128 and come chat in our sub or download the demos after the partaj!


Pågadata was held in Kvidinge Folkets Hus, which is at Linnégatan 21 in Kvidinge.
From 17:00 June 30th until 11:00 on July 2nd 2023!
Entrace fee???
The entrance fee is 100 SEK, or €10! This can be paid either by Swish or by cash att the door!
Is there a schedule for the compos?
Yes, it is (very roughly)

-- Amiga --
AMOS demo 12:00
Music 13:00
gfx 14:00
Demo 16:00

-- Wild --
??? 15:00

-- C64 --
Music 18:00
Gfx 20:00
Demo 21:00
How do I get there?
There is parking for those who go by car, and if you take the train, the Pågatåg stops at Kvidinge Station!
There is a pizzeria and a grocery store witin roughly 300 meter of the party place, and two young lads will offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at the party as part of their summer work project. You can pay in cash, Swish and Paypal. They accept SEK, DKK, and EUR. See the menu at: https://pågadatafood.weebly.com/
I'm a sofascener, I can't sleep at the party!
There is a hostel in Kvidinge called Villa Signedal. If that's full, you can stay at Rosenberg Hotell & Restaurang in Åstorp, or somewhere in Helsingborg but then you gotta get to and from Kvidinge!
I'm a hippie and want to live in a tent!
Cool! As we have the allemansrätt in Sweden, you can camp on the gravel parking right next to the venue!
Anything more good to know?
If you get severe datakalsong, you can go for a swim at Kvidinge Friluftsbad!



The compos to be held are:

AMOS demo


This party has already passed! You cant register anymore!


# Handle Group Platform Brings computer? Entrance paid?
1 z-nexx G¤P Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
2 shoe Syntax Society Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
10 phreedh HmF shoe Yeah! Yeah!
13 Grip Istari Amiga, C64 Yeah! Yeah!
15 Slaze Defiance^Desire Amiga, C64 Yeah! Yeah!
16 Krdn Defiance Nope Nope
18 Skyhawk Triad C64 Yeah! Yeah!
19 Troed SYNC Atari ST Yeah! Nope
20 Spot Up Rough & Divine Stylers Amiga Nope Yeah!
21 Scooby Light/G*P Commodore 64 Nope Yeah!
22 Jucke Judas C64 Yeah! Yeah!
23 Fix Onslaught/TRSI C64/AMIGA Yeah! Yeah!
24 Skuggan C64 Nope Yeah!
25 F.I.D Atari Falcon Yeah! Nope
26 Ca$h TRiAD C64 Nope Nope
28 Twoflower Triad C64 Yeah! Nope
29 yonx up rough soundsystem amiga, c64 Yeah! Yeah!
30 coffe uprough c64 Nope Nope
31 pawnshop guy amiga Nope Nope
32 Hagar TST (The Supply Team) C64, Amiga Yeah! Nope
34 Dymo G*P C64 Yeah! Nope
35 platon42 Desire Amiga Nope Yeah!
36 m00p Genesis*Project C64 Nope Yeah!
37 demand C64 Yeah! Yeah!
38 SkY Byterapers C64 Nope Yeah!
39 uthar C64 Nope Yeah!
41 The Sarge Fairlight, Bonzai Commodore 64 Nope Yeah!
42 Bearsoft TMB Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
43 Tomse RCEU C64 Nope Nope
44 bifat TEK Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
45 Handic Amigaaaa! Yeah! Nope
46 TheBigA Triangle^Phenomena Amigaaa Yeah! Nope
47 deadguy PACiF!C Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
48 wasp PACiF!C Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
49 RäkGöran Bros Designs Toshiba Nope Yeah!
50 DINO Judas / dS! / UP! C64 & Amiga Yeah! Nope
51 Archmage Fossil/Shape C64 Yeah! Nope
52 Pernod Horizon Commandora Yeah! Yeah!
53 iopop Triad C64 Yeah! Yeah!
54 Malmix Fatzone^Nature C64, Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
55 Jack-Benny Nope Yeah!
56 esau Traktor Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
57 Tucker CTEC Amiga Nope Nope
58 Magnar Censor Design C64 Amiga PC Nope Nope
59 Beast Software of Sweden Amiga Yeah! Nope
60 Smeden VHS Yeah! Yeah!
62 illmidus Genesis Project Data Yeah! Yeah!
63 Honcho Atlantis C64 Yeah! Nope
64 Ron Software of Sweden C64 Yeah! Yeah!
65 Sixx YouDas Amstrad Yeah! Yeah!
66 metalux Genesis Project C64 Nope Nope
67 Beardswitcher Nope Nope
68 Whizzy Hack n’ Trade C63 Yeah! Yeah!
69 ZZAP69 Onslaught C64 Yeah! Yeah!
70 Sharakmir AmiGBG Amiga Yeah! Nope
71 Notorious Struts^scoopex Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
72 highpuff Struts Amiga Yeah! Nope
73 Bonefish Reality Amiga Yeah! Nope
74 KMS C64 Nope Yeah!
75 sLASH TEK Amiga Yeah! Nope
76 Kreator CMS/F4CG/Reality c64 Nope Nope
77 epsilon pretzel logic c64 Yeah! Nope
78 Trap Bonzai c64 Nope Yeah!
79 Klingen Borlänge! Alla! Yeah! Nope
81 Taper TRIAD C64 Yeah! Yeah!
82 iTCH Software of sweden C64, Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
83 FluBBa Uprough GBA Yeah! Yeah!
84 sachy WT ^ RSE ^ JKR C64/ZX/Amiga Nope Nope
85 sm0hm Nope Nope
86 X-jammer G*P C64 Nope Yeah!
88 Henrik Sandell 6502 Nope Yeah!
89 Bongolord None Amiga Yeah! Nope
90 fegolhuzz FairLight c64 Yeah! Yeah!
92 Bob Censor Design C64 Yeah! Yeah!
93 Photon Megaforce Amiga Yeah! Nope
94 Bacchus FairLight C64 Nope Yeah!
95 VIC Camelot C64 Yeah! Yeah!
96 Landreth Nine Tomorrow Crew Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
97 Thorin CTOD C64 Nope Yeah!
98 Berluskåni The Gumpa Brothers C64 Yeah! Yeah!
99 Carlis Yeah! Yeah!
100 Sidwave The Supply Team C64 Yeah! Yeah!
101 Paul N Nope Yeah!
102 Bore Traktor Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
103 Loxley Equinox Amiga Nope Nope
104 Dalton Tulou Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
105 d vibe Nature Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
106 Todi Tulou Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
107 pipe Nature Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
108 havocplague inversion gameboy! Nope Yeah!
109 zoi inversion c64 Yeah! Yeah!
111 Kerstin Judas Unix, C64 Yeah! Nope
112 G0norrhea Herpes C69 Nope Nope
113 MrMac SYNC Atari Nope Nope
114 Knatter XAKK Nope Yeah!
115 tubesockor C64, Game Boy Nope Yeah!
116 TCD Triangle 3532 C64 Yeah! Yeah!
117 StödjulsGunnar Keso Amiga Nope Yeah!
118 encore undone C64 Nope Yeah!
119 Imagic C64 Nope Yeah!
120 Zelixor C64 Amiga Yeah! Yeah!
121 Torgny Keso PDP-11 Nope Nope
122 KBS Laxity/Phantasy C64 Nope Yeah!

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The stream is finally live! You can see it at https://www.twitch.tv/z_nexx, or alternatively at https://www.scenesat.com/video/1


Got questions? Mail z-nexx at znexxpwnz0r at gmail dot com and mention Pågadata in the subject.

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